Fair Play Policy

Gardiner Chess Online Fair Play Policy

Gardiner Chess expects that all students competing in their online events will show good sportsmanship and remember these simple rules.

  • Win on your own! Chess is played between only 2 people. Players should not receive any help – especially having moves suggested by parents, siblings, coaches, books, websites or computer programs.
  • Be kind in your loses! If you know you’re about to lose the game don’t stop making moves and let your time run out. Keep playing because you never know what might happen or resign the game. Don’t waste the other person’s time by making them sit there doing nothing.
  • Be respectful! Offering constant draws in a losing position distracts your opponent. Don’t offer a draw unless you think the other person might take it and only offer it once.

The most important thing to remember is that if something isn’t allowed at an over the board tournament, it’s not allowed online and you should never do anything in a game that you wouldn’t want someone else to be doing to you.

Breaches of any of the policies mentioned (eg. Using computer assistance etc.) is not permitted and could lead to penalties imposed by Gardiner Chess at their discretion without refund, including and up to ongoing bans from online events and even over the board tournaments!